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Related post: Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2002 20:28:31 -0800 From: Roderick Shafton Subject: RACIAL ISSUES (ws, interracial) RACIAL ISSUES I'm hung pretty well, so I wasn't too surprised when I caught loli sex fuck free the guy lookin' at me outa the corner of my eye. I like teasin' white guys...even straight they always seem fascinated with big black ones like mine. I stepped back slightly and flopped it around, letting the pressure build up and giving him a good look. When I couldn't hold it any longer, I began to splatter the back of the urinal with a strong, forceful blast of hot urine. I peeked over to see the guy staring wide-eyed and trying to conceal the fact that he was playing with himself. It was easy. I'm photos of little lolit 6'2" and he was a little guy about 5'6" I smiled to myself and shook my prick so the stream bounced up and down. "Enjoyin' it?" I asked, as my cock began to dribble at the end. "Hunh?" he looked up, blushing. "I asked if ya liked watchin' me piss?" "Uh," he gulped, "y-yeah, I...I did. Sorry." "That's alright, fella. I'm used to white guys checking me out." "Y-you're not angry?" "Naw," I shrugged. "In that case...mind if I SUCK on that big chocolate knob?" "HUNH?! Damn, man, I didn't mean to give you the loli boy child wrong idea. I figured you were just doin' regular checking out. I wouldn't have done it if I'd known you were a fag." I started to stuff myself away. He backed up a lolit nudes few loli free sex steps, glaring at me, still absently holding his cock. "You sayin' you always snap that big nigger dick at straight guys?" "Hey, whatchur mouth!" I said, ready to grab him. "Kinda touchy, hunh? Call a guy a fag then get mad if he says the n word?" He was right. "Okay," I admitted, "I'm sorry about that, but..." "Besides," he continued, "I didn't call you a nigger, I just said you had a big nigger dick!" "Yeah, well, my dick's sensitive too!" "Hmmm. I'll bet lolitta sex porno child it is! Now how about that knobjob? I don't care young little lolitta what you call me...just let me suck it!" "Uh," I hesitated. I was horny as hell but I'd never had a fag...a guy go down on me before. "I don' know, man. We're in a public place." "It's a roadside shithouse in the toolies at 4 in the morning. Who's gonna come in?" "True, I guess. You really wanna suck this big nigger dick of mine?" "See, I told you it was a nigger dick!" he laughed, reaching out. "Okay, fagboy," I chuckled, "let the words flow." I grabbed his hand and put it to my crotch, letting him feel me up. "But I'm still nervous about loli illegal porn being in the open." "Alright, ls teen magazine loli come on. Let's go in the last stall. We can hear if anyone comes in. That's even better. We can get naked!" "Hold on there, vanilla boy. I said you could blow me. I din' say nuthin' 'bout getting naked!" I was getting real nervous. The guy was a cute little shit, and real sure of himself. He was maybe in his middle twenties with a boyish face...keepin' that young look like most queer boys somehow seem to lolicon picpost do. Maybe it's all that sperm they drink! He had my already horny dick raging in my pants and I was eager for a suckoff. But stripping? Made me nervous as I let him lead me back there. "You've got a fantastic body, man, I want to see it all," he gushed. "I wanna lick it!" He closed the door behind us and began to run his hands over my powerful chest and into my crotch. "N-naw, you don't wanna do loli petite that," I warned, "I..." "I know. comic peeing loli You're a truck driver. I saw your rig outside. I like that. You guys get real horny bouncing around in that cab, doncha? Your balls get all sweaty til they're dripping down your asscrack and there's nothing you can do about it, hunh? That's what I'm here for! I love takin' pic lolicon care of truckers like you." "Y-yeah?" His touchy-feely was making my lolitta whores cock drip. We were so close I could smell his hot breath. I stood rigid, except when he grabbed my dick free lolicon porno and made my knees buckle. "Yeah. Bet I've blown a lot of your buddies...right in here. You'd be surprised at how many have gone down on me, too." I glanced down, noticing his prick was still sticking out of his pants...and had gotten a lot bigger. Quite a bit bigger, even though it was still about two inches shorter than mine. Still... "Yeah, well, you sweet young loli gonna do me or what? I'm ah...not doin' nuthin' like can count your beans on that, man!" "That's alright. I wasn't suggesting you would. Just talking." "Just so's we got that chil porn nude loli straight, guy. I ain't no queer!" I blustered, making my situation clear. "Oh, loli first sex they aren't either. Most truckers just get off on a little weird stuff once in a while. Mmmm, you got nice fat lips. I love sucking big nigger lips!" He pulled my cock outta my fly then cp brutal loli pushed me down onto the toilet seat. Before I could react, he'd straddled me and sat down in my lap, my hard prick wagging xxx passwords loli backdoors around behind his ass and rubbing up illegal cp loli against his corduroy pants. I was so flabbergasted at his ability to take over, I could hardly react. If he'd been a big guy, I would have probably thrown him over the partition. But he was so small and self- assured, I was a bit amused. Besides, I could toss him over any time I wanted with just a flick of my wrist. Ooops, maybe that was the wrong expression to use. He japan loli imgboard rested his hands on my shoulders and squirmed his butt in my lap. "Would you bang my head up against the loli hc bbs wall if free lolit I kissed you?" "No, but..." I started to give him a severe warning against that. Before I could, however, he'd put his hands around my neck and pulled my face up to meet his, mashing our mouths together! I was so surprised and wanted to immediately crush the sonofabitch faggot asshole! But the way he was sucking my lips, worming his tongue into my mouth, and driving me crazy with his sweet peppermint breath, the hold I now had on his skull only caused me to begin caressing his flowing locks as I began returning his kisses. Something about kissing this sweet white boy was turning me on! I would have never done it...but fuck it...nobody could see me, and he sure loved my lips! Finally, though, I lolicon incest family pushed him away, gasping for breath. I started to protest, but he put loli 13 pic a finger to my lips, hushing me. "I know, man. You're a stud. Take your shirt off while I pull down your pants. I wanna get to those smelly balls!" I ripped my snaps open, proudly baring my smooth, powerful chest, and let him yank my trousers down to my ankles. My cock snapped back to my belly and he instantly had his nose rummag- ing around in my nuts! "OH, YOU HOT LITTLE FAGGOT, LICK THOSE BIG NIGGER BALLS! YEAH, SUCK 'EM...SUCK THE SWEAT OFF!" He had one in his mouth, trying to get the other one in. I squinched my face in pleasure-pain, hoping he'd soon realize they were too big to get them both. Finally he did. I let out a deep breath as he slobbered his tongue all over. "Mmmm, I knew I'd love nigger sweat!" he gasped between licks. "You mean boy lolicon hentai you never...never did a brother?" I asked. "Mmm SLURP! No. I always wanted to." "Well, baby," I said, spreading my legs, "you got one now. Do me good, do me real good!" I started to slap my prick across his face. He tossed his head side-to-side, loving it, then grabbed hold of it and squeezed...bringing his mouth onto my glistening knob and licking the juice off of it. He squeezed harder, causing more juice to come out. "Whadda you say?" he looked up at me, eyes loli galleries glazed. "Want me to suck on this big black NIGGER cock?" He said nigger with a salacious scowl. It was then that I understood how much he loved the word. It was a sexual turn-on to him. Sucking a cock was loli kids porn his life, but sucking a nigger cock was even more lewdly special to him. This was evident by the way he was hungrily licking up and down my thick-veined black prick! I watched him doing me and suddenly realized that every time I'd ever used one of loli forum links those words to describe a cocksucker, I'd gotten a weird little tingle in my balls that made me stop. loli free links Not this time. I reached down and touched his cheek, urging him onto my cock. "Oh yeah, suck my big nigger dick! lolitta fuck dog Wrap those fag lips around my cock and queer me! Yeah, queerboy, queer me good! OH! That's it. OH, you hot litte fruit! Little pansy boy cock- sucker! GO DOWN ON IT!" He put his mouth over my knob and worked it. It felt real good, and I loli porn preteen bbs figured I'd squirt in his mouth before long. I was letting out little gasps of pleasure and getting into it. I kicked my pants from my shoes so I could spread apart more. He started getting real greedy. More and more of my fat prick was going between his lips and banging the back of his throat! "AW, FUCK BABY! YEAH! OOOH! Ain't never had a bitch do it that good! BLOW THAT MUTHERFUCKER!" I was crying out, not caring if someone came in. I was ready to tell the whole world what a great cocksucker he was. He kept taking Dark studio loli long strokes, forcing my prick down his tight throat, Each time, his muscles would relax more...until he was cramming it down his throat all the way to my pubes...without gagging! "Ah shit man, I'm gonna cream your tonsils!" I warned. "NO!" he quickly pulled off. "Not yet." "Aw shit baby, loli ta xxx video that was feeling good! That was fine!" "I'll do tiny pussies lolicon it," he promised, "but young lolit pics first I want you to little loli sweet lift your legs up. I wanna suck your big black asshole!" "HUNH?!! Oh, no, not that baby. No, no," I demurred. "You ain't messin' round my pooch. No queer's gonna mess with me there!" "Scared?" he smiled, taking off his fresh bbs loli shirt. "Whadda you mean? Course I ain't scared. Just forget it." "Hmmm. Big man's all scared at what the little fag might make him feel, hunh? Bet you get nervous touching it yourself, doncha?" "Whadda you talkin'? I never touch it! Only queers play around lolite naked with shitholes. Their own 'n everybody else's! You ain't playin' with mine!" "Gee, all this stuff I've been doing has really made you feel bad." "No, baby, you've lolicon topsite been making me feel great!" I assured him. "Then how come you big studs are such babies when it comes to your little poopholes? Lemme show you what a neat package of senses you got down there. Nobody ever licked your ass before? You think it's too dirty for someone to do?" Then he threw me a free lolitta curve that almost had me laughing. "Doncha know? The plantation owners used to get the nigger slaves to lick lolia teens their asses...while bbs galleries loli their sons watched...and the slaves' sons watched their fathers licking ass. Then they'd make the nigger slaveboys lick their asses...then their daddy's asses...and pink loli ******** the owner's sons' asses...and sometimes they shit and had to start over!" "So, what're you saying? Time for some payback?" I giggled. He smiled. "All I'm sayin' is while I licked your balls I could smell your asshole. I'm your slave...lemme lick it out!" I scooted down on the seat as best I could, and pulled my legs back. "Way I heard it," I said, "them honkies couldn't get enough of hot nigger dick! Suckin' 'n lickin' 'em all the time! Okay, baby, you're the plantation owner's cocksucking son... come to lick out my smelly nigger ass like you always do...if you can git to it 'fore your pa does!" He got right into I did...and slapped my bottom! "OPEN IT nasty lolitta porn UP, YOU FUCKING SLAVE! CAME HERE TO LICK NIGGER ASS...NOW STICK IT OUT LIKE YOU'RE TOLD AND LET ME GET MY TONGUE loli porn photos IN THERE!" He started rimming me like crazy, sending thrills up my spine. I'd never had anybody down there lapping at my hole like that! He was good, he was hungry for it. I couldn't believe how much he was enjoying it--and how much I was enjoying it! "Oh, tits loli kid yeah! SUCK OUT THAT HOT NIGGA ASS, MASTA! YOUSE DA BOSS!!" That made him suck harder. He was getting into the game playing. Maybe too much. He lifted his wet mouth away and looked at me. "You shit today, didn't you, you bastard?" he asked, licking me up and model russia loli down. "I told you to save it." He licked some more. "I told you I wanted to watch!" He thrust his tongue up my asshole, trying to lick me out as deeply as possible. I groaned deep in my throat. "Oh, baby, baby," I moaned. "Forget the slaves, man, don't tease me like that!" "I'm not teasing," he looked at me seriously. "Your hole's dirty and I can taste your shit. H-hot lolit models photos tastin' nigger shit! Ohhh, so hot!" "Jeez! Stop it. I...I did take a dump...earlier...on my last stop. But I wiped good...DAMN, GET AWAY!" "You wiped, stud," he grinned at me, "but my tongue goes deeper than any paper you used! Relax, I already tasted it. I like it. Come on, open your ass again. Lemme lick it out!" He already had his mouth back on my hole, so I gave it up and let him tongue me out all he wanted! "Fuck man, you're making my bone throb! You want this loli world juice or not?" Quickly, he bounded up to his feet. "Oh, hold off, please! I want it...but..." He started to drop his pants and climb out of them. "UP MY ASSHOLE! LEMME SIT ON YOUR DICK!" "DAMN! You're sumthin' else, baby! OK, OK, I'll wait. But you sit that little tight white butt on my pecker, preteen loli dark pedo and I'm gonna shoot off!" "That's alright," he said, straddling his naked body over me loliya spanking and reaching back to point my prick lolits school up his ass. "Just lolis nude bbs stay in there til you come again. You can stay hard, can't you?" "AW, FUCK!" I cried, feeling his sweet anus wrapping over my knob. "I'll sure as hell try! Damn, you're tight, man! Squeezin' the shit extreme loli pedo outta my cock! Hoh!! Yeah, bounce that bottom, baby! HOLY MUTHERFUCK!" The guy was going crazy, totally impaling himself on my huge pecker, driving the shaft completely up his warm, squeez- ing rectum! His own cock was stiff and rubbing against my chest, leaving streaks of sticky pre-cum. loli preteen top list He fucked himself for several long, delirious minutes, til... "Yeah, fuck him, man! Fuck the little doujin loli hentai turdball!" Too horny to miss a stroke, we both looked upward. A man's face hung over the top of the partition, and he was licking his lips! "Frank!" little girls naked loli The white boy gasped, riding my horsey. "How you doin', buttboy? Got a big nigger dick up your butt, hunh? Some guys don't care what they put up their assholes!" The guy said the word nigger like I was more familiar with. I didn't like him. "Mmmm, yeah," the boy groaned. "Big, black, and luscious! You'd love suckin' it, Frank. Better than mine!" "I'm no cocksucker you little creep!" "Sure, anything you say, Frank. Want me to unlock the door? Come on, I'll turn around and blow you." "Hey," I whispered, "I ain't so sure I want him in here." "Aw, he's all bluster," he whispered back, lifting up. "He sucked me a couple of times. Not off, but he put it in his mouth." He lolits 14yo unlatched the door and the guy squeezed in and shut it again. His back to me, the boy grabbed my shaft and started to sit on it again. "HOLY FUCK, WHAT A PRICK!" Frank gasped, looking at it. "You had all that up your butt, kid? I swear, you jigs free online lolicon clips musta all been first in line when the meat was handed out! Hardly left any for the rest of us!" "Listen, this wasn't my idea anyway," I said. "You gonna start in on that honky bullshit, maybe I'll just leave you two at it." "Ah, relax, I'm just joshin'. Go ahead 'n pork the kid. Uh, say? You mind if just give it a feel? Never saw a prick that big before." Before I could reply, he'd reached down and grabbed my bone, giving it a good feeling up. By the time I slipped my hand around to stop him, he'd given it up and the boy was sitting down on it with a satisfied groan. I couldn't give up amature loli felt too good. With his left hand he dropped his pants and jerked his cock. His right palm he put to the kid's mouth. "Here, lick your slime off!" "Sure, Frank." He stuck out his tongue and licked. "Nice cock, hunh? Sure is big. Did it feel good?" "What's it to ya? Don't get wise, smartass, start sucking me." While he settled his bottom firmly onto me, the kid held Frank's naked hips, lifting his dick and licking his balls before tonguing the shaft and taking the cockhead into his mouth. Frank free loli movie clips rested back against the door, letting the boy slobber all over his crotch. I rested back, too, against the tank, and watched his ass moving up and down. "Shit! Ain't gonna work. free lolitta teen porn You're bouncin' too much kid," Frank complained, pulling his cock from the boy's mouth with a slurp. "Let's see how you're handling that fuck. Lift your legs and stick 'em up on the door. Let him do the fuckin', I'm gonna kneel down and see what's happening. Hope it don't stink. Good thing you ain't too shitty today." "I never threw you a shitty fuck, Frank!" the boy got defensive. I wrapped my arms around his chest, letting him settle back lolilta models new on me as he put his legs up, opening up the view small naked loli of me plugging his capacious butt! "No, but that blond on the Santa Fe run said he fucked you in his cab one night...and it was a real stinky fuck! Said you were so hot you turned around and licked his cock clean! Ate the shit right off it!" "Uhhh," he moaned, squirming on my lolii nude lap. "Yeah, fucker forced bald lolitta my head down on it. Made me do it! Hell, I woulda done it loli innocent hardcore list anyway...he didn't have to...OHHH, FUCK! AW, MAN THIS COCK FELLS GREAT! FUCK ME HARDER!" By now Frank was down there lookin' at it. I caught a couple glimpses of his face over the kid's shoulder. His eyes were wide as he stared at the sight of my big prick plugging in and out of the asshole. "DAMN, THAT'S HOT!" Frank cried. lolicon torture "How do you do that, kid? I can't even take a finger up my butt without crying bloody murder." "Who...who's been...finger-fuckin' you, Frank?" "Hunh? YOU, you little creep! Doncha remember tryin' to jab it up my hole while you were suckin' me off?" "Oh, yeah. I remember now. For a big trucker, you're sure a sissy, Frank!" "Fuckhead! I'm gonna stay a sissy, russian preteen loli porn too. You'll never see me gettin' my hole slogged out by a guy's prick. Jeez, you sure got a monster up your can now. Lotsa practice I guess, hunh? Gawd, your hole's stretched!" "Fuck me, Frank!" the kid gasped, laying lolit pussy his head on my shoulder. "You bet...if I can hold off that long." "No, I mean now. Both of you!" "You gotta be kidding!" "I can take it. Come on, I'm really horny tonight," he assured, turning his head to mine, kissing me on the cheek. "Wanna try it? Can you hold off?" "I dunno. My back's killing me already. Feels good, though." "Hey, Frank, toss your bag up here." "I get it." He lifted his knapsack and leaned over lolit 16 to put it behind my back. His hand was on my naked shoulder, and our eyes met. He gulped, and quickly stuffed it back there, giving me some relief. Then he yanked his boots and pants off. "How do I do this?" He stood there jerkin' on his cock. "Okay," the kid directed, "sit on sex model loli his thighs and lift my legs up on your shoulders. Then stick it in me. Better spit on it good first." Looking horny, but hesitant, he eased himself lolit top around my legs, letting his precious white skin slide along my black chocolate thighs. He caught me looking at him, and gave me a smirk. When he had the board loli sex kid's ankles resting little loli schoolgirl fuck on his shoulders, he looked down at where his dick was going to go...up an asshole alongside my thickly veined black prick! He grabbed his shaft in his fist, aiming it. At the same time he reached down and took hold of my ballsack, watching himself fondling my big black balls and rubbing his thumb along my imbedded shaft. He used that hand to scoop out a mouthful of spit and worked it over his hardon. I could hear him smelling his hand, but he wouldn't look at me. I smiled to myself. The kid had said he was full of bluster, and I had a sudden picture of Frank and me alone...him down there crazily licking all over my big nigger balls while frantically jacking his photo free loli little white pecker! Actually, it wasn't all lolidus underage that little. Still, I didn't know how the kid was gonna be able seventeen loli to handle having us both up his tender asshole. I was gonna find out soon, cause Frank was startin' to push. I could feel his rigid shaft rubbing along mine as he tried to stuff it between the clenching asslips. Realizing the boy was gonna need something extra, I slid my hand down his chest and grabbed him, rubbing my wrist down his cock and lifting his balls up and tossing them around with my fingers. I'd never handled a guy's stuff asians loli before, but this boy was different. He was such a horny critter and messin' with him was the least I could do. But I almost called it off when he leaned back and started to nibble his tongue in my ear! I didn't mind the kiss on the cheek, or having his face right up next to mine, but this...this...was driving me nuts! Having my ear nibbled was always a little lolitta turn-on. Now he had me moaning! "AAAHHHH!" he suddenly bolted his head up, both of us feeling the hard pecker suddenly entering his ass. Having that other wet prick sliding alongside lolit movie mine felt wonderful! I held him tightly as he cringed in agony, waiting for the pain to subside. Luckily, I'd already gotten his anal muscles to expand tremendously and it was just a matter of time if the guy held off after his sudden intrusion. "Don't wreck the boy, man, take it easy now," I told Frank. "Yeh, yeh. I ain't movin'. You okay, kid? God, that's hot!" "J-just... just go slow. Wow, I thought I was stuffed with cock before! AH, preteen lolicon nude I CAN FEEL EVERY MOVEMENT YOU GUYS MAKE IN THERE." "You ain't kidding," Frank gasped, beginning a slow stroke when the boy loosened up. "I can feel his prick throbbing against mine. Big black mutherfuckin' prick! I feel like I'm masturbating his ls magazine loli models dick with mine. WHEW!" He reached down and scooped some juice off the boy's cockhead and licked it. "HOT LITTLE FAG!" He leaned his head down and met the boy's mouth. They kissed...right there next to my head..a amatuer loliza sloppy, tongue- slapping kiss. Smooching his mouth away, gasping, he looked at me. I knew what he was about to do, and for some reason I wasn't gonna fight it. Somehow it seemed right. We both had our cocks stuffed up the boy's ass. We were all sweaty and grinding away in sexual pleasure. "Mmmm, lemme suck those big hot niggerlips!" he breathed heavily, putting his mouth on mine. Our tongues met and darted in and out of each other's hungry mouths. He was learnin' something...he was hot for black guys and he'd been fightin' it too long. I kissed him back passionately...making sure he'd never revert to his old prejudices. Course, I was learning something too. White guys can be real shits, but when they get down...they feel damn good! I had one nuzzling my neck, squirming his asshole over my prick, and another one licking my teeth clean, grinding his cock over mine while sparks flew between them, bouncing off the kid's ass walls, making us work like a finely tuned sex motor firing up the RPMs to a testicle tiny loli cp pedo overload! We were pounding up the kid's ass, now, opening up his rectum to massive proportions and battering his insides. His eyes went to the back of his head as he wallowed in the throes of animalistic pleasure. "Oh, oh, oh. Fuck me, you guys! FUCKMEFUCKMEFUCKMEFUCKME, OH, FUUCK MEEE! YIIIKES!" His cock lolicon 3d toons exploded, shooting cum all over as illegal lolitta sex porn we gave him a double prostate jabbing. Cum dripping off his chin, Frank was the next to pop off, urging me to come with him. "AW, FUCK! COME ON, MAN...SQUIRT lolitta guestbook THAT HOT NIGGER CREAM AND MIX IT WITH MINE! LET'S MAKE A BABY UP HIS ASS!" It was lolipop girls sex stupid and senseless, tgp loliza and I loli preteen japanese would have laughed if I wasn't blowing such a wad. loli pop porno I felt his cock twitch. I felt his vein pulse against mine as his payload shot up the channel. Like two throbbing heart veins, streams of jizz flooded the kid's cavern from our pumping, shoving organs! Exhausted, we stayed in our tight, little huddle for a few moments more. Then Frank began to retrieve his deflating cock. It fell out with a squishy sound. The boy lifted off mine loli model pre with a grimace and a plop, taking it in his hand banned loli sex pictures and lo loli fuck fondling it. "Man...that was the best fuck of my life!" "Heh! Mine too!" Frank exclaimed, pulling up his pants. I sat there, legs wide, not able to do much until they got out. I found my trousers and caught Frank's gaze loli asian as I lifted them. The kid was backed against the wall--a satisfied grin on his face. "I ain't queer, man," Frank said to me, "but I lied. I sucked the kid's dick a couple of times. You're not either, are you?" I shook my head. "Well, who gives a rat's ass? Meet up again I'd like to try suckin' you...maybe even suck you off. Think you'd mind shovin' that big nigger dick in my honky mouth some time?" I smiled. "Kid's makin' us lolitta free vids get freaky, hunh? Sure, what the hell. You kiss me like teens lolit sex that again an' I might let ya talk me inta all kinds of things! Who knows?" I winked. Comments appreciated...please mention story name.
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